About us

Its not hard to find a taxi anywhere in the world but we always make considerable efforts to stay on top of our clients list

Our motto is Comfort, Quality, Safety, Professionalism

Free advantages : With our own or our parteners resources we offer comfortable and safe cars , fully equipped for your luxury : Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen Passat and in the future we wish to “grow” even more.

In any of our cars you can listen to your favourite music .

In The Volkswagen Passat you could bring a memory stick or a dvd with your favourite videos or movies to watch whille you travel with our cars . Also we have here a full hd tv and games for your children.

•  Protection and security

•  Travel services

•  Courier services

•  You can gain real information about any aspects of your planned trip

•  We will amaze you with an extraordinary idea and we will make you smile right now when you read it : a 220V socket for you to recharge your phone or your laptop.

We have invested to prove that we are not a simple taxi service ,instead we can make art out of this business.