Information about Normal cab

Here you see diference about normal cab and business class.

Normal cab- Diference

Normal taxi

Please read carefully:

Because we have a business class service with highest quality, we want to inform you about normal class taxi services.

These can be found at any street corner, they have low costs, but they also can offer all kind of surprises. We give you some examples, but not all of them are the same.

You won’t be expected at the airport because parking and waiting time are expensive. In the airport waiting time costs 3 RON/ 30 minutes and it is charged every 30 minutes (31 minutes means 6 RON). So, expenses are high considering the fact that the car must be in the airport when the plane lands (including waiting time for luggage, etc.).

Air conditioning is rarely used in the summer time because it means a higher gas consumes and drivers prefer to make some economies.

If you will ask the driver to take you from downtown to the airport, you will be surprised to be informed about a certain price from the start, because the driver must come back from the airport without client.

This happens because in Henri Coanda International Airport (Otopeni) there are only certain taxi firms agreed and not all taxi drivers can pick up clients for returning to Bucharest.

Drivers are listening their favorite music and also smoke in the car.
We want to be very clear: there are also very civilized taxi drivers, very smart people, who worked as teachers or engineers, but at some point preferred or were forced by crises to change their job. These cases are rare.

“The monkey” is the nickname of an illegal device found in some cabs which influence the charged device and makes the cost of the trip higher. The driver has a hidden button (near the gear lever, wiper lever or near his leg) which gives more impulses to the charged device.

Yet, you are lucky if you travel with a firm cab, even it has a “monkey” instead a “pirate” cab. These cars have signs similar with some firm cabs which can fool even the vigilant eye of a native. In these cases the cost of a trip may be really huge.

If you tried one of these services, you may see the difference about quality.

The difference between a business taxi and a normal one consists even in small details. For example, the driver of a business taxi is dressed in suit even at 40 degrees and has an umbrella for his clients in rainy days.

Romania, like any other country, has her own rules. In Bucharest are about 10000 accredited taxis and probably a few hundreds “pirate taxis”. So, we advise you to be vigilant.

You can make a beautiful trip with a taxi in Bucharest, to admire special buildings and visit tourist places, but you must be careful in choosing your cab.

Good luck!