Prostitution in Romania

About Prostitution

In Romania, prostitution is illegal. However, a lot of websites allow some girl’s posting who practice this occupation.

Our advice for you is: don’t go anywhere without inform someone about the place you are going to, because it’s possible to be steeled of your money and papers. There were some cases of tourists who appealed of our services to go to the embassy for releasing a provisory passport or ID card to leave the country.

The girls and their protectors have a lot of inventive ways to intimidate and scare you and finally to steel your money: for example an “accidental” meeting with one of this girl’s “husband” would definitely make you to take out of the pocket all your money. Also, a sleeping pill in your glass would make you have a nice rest for a few hours, while your wallet would get empty.

Those cases are not very frequently, but still exist, so take care!