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Here you have guide with all information about Romania – Bucharest.
Air travel, Money, Taxi, Credit Card.
Bucharest Otopeni Airport Romania Travel Accommodation and Information buses and Airport Express, tramway and taxi

Bucharest – Time

Romania – Bucharest use Eastern European time zone GMT+2 and change to Daylight Savings time GMT+3 from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday in October.

This is very important notice, the best Useful Information for your vacantion or business. Look in your Ticket Air.


Air Travel

Bucharest have two airport :

- Henri Coanda ( Otopeni ) handles most international flights  and domestic flight. You should not be scared, because Airport is  small.

Adress : Bucuresti-Ploiesti km.16.5
Location : Airport International Otopeni is located apox 20 km (13 miles )  nord

- Aurel Vlaicu ( Baneasa ) is International Airport for low cost and domestic flights. Airport is very small.

Adress : Bucuresti-Ploiesti no 40

Location : Airport Baneasa is located aprox 9 km (6 miles ) in the North side of Bucharest city on National Road DN-1

Romania have national airline Tarom. This company offers international flights to European and worldwide destinations and flights to all major Romanian cities.


The official curency in Romania is LEU.

Exchange can be in Bank, hotels or exchange house. We sugest to make this exchange in Bank. The exchange rates according to the locations where transaction is effected.

Usualy taxi driver and more comerciants accepted euro or dollar but is not recomended.

Don’t exchange your money in Airport because rates have big difference than normal curency.

Don’t exchange your money in street with strangers. He promises a higher rate of exchange but surely you will be stolen