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"Vidraru" Dam, situated 230 km away from Bucharest, near the lake with the same name, is 166 m high and 155 m deep. It ranks 8th in Europe for its height and has its well-established place in the national electric power system. One can practice the extreme sport of bungee jumping on "Vidraru" Dam.

“Transfăgărăşan”, also called "the road up the clouds", crosses over Făgăraş Mountains and is known as the most spectacular highroad in Romania.

“Transfăgărăşan” highroad also passes by Bâlea Lake, a glacier lake situated at an altitude of 2040 m in Făgăraş Mountains.
“Curtea de Argeş” Monastery, built between 1512 and 1517 by the ruling prince Neagoe Basarab, is another beautiful place to visit on this trip.






This trip takes a day (from morning until evening).



Tourist attractions suggested for possible visits



1. “Vidraru” Dam


2. “Bâlea” Lake


3. “Curtea de Argeş” Monastery


4. Transfăgărăşan Highroad





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