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Moldoviţa, Suceviţa, Voroneţ and Humor monasteries are a set of worship and religious art jewelry unique in Europe, acknowledged by UNESCO to belong to the art patrimony of the world.
At the time when Michelangelo considered frescoes to be the most difficult and daring of paintings, the Moldavian painters created masterpieces comparable to the great European artworks. Moreover, their frescoes hold unrevealed secrets even until nowadays, after more than 500 years.
Moldova’s a very large part of the country so we cannot give you an estimation of the distance covered by this trip until you decide what you would like to visit.






This trip may last between 2-7 days.



Tourist attractions suggested for possible visits


Visiting the Painted Moldavian Monasteries of Putna, Suceviţa, Moldoviţa, Voroneţ and Gura Humorului.





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