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1. How shall I recognize the driver waiting for me at the airport?
Answer: The driver will be waiting for you holding a banner with the name you specified when you completed the booking.
2. What shall I do if the plane arrives earlier and the driver is not there?
Answer: In case the driver is not there, which is highly improbable, you can sit on a chair and wait for him. Your waiting will be short and not an inconvenience. Usually the airport gives landing estimated times 2 hours in advance.
3. What if my plane is late? Shall I pay more than the agreed price?
Answer: By no means, no matter how long your plane is late, even though airport parking may equal the ride value, you will pay only the price agreed upon reservation.
4. What if a driver must take me from a meeting at a certain time and he has to wait for me longer?
Answer: In that case you will pay extra for the waiting time.
5. What if I booked a car and it isn’t there at the time and place indicated?
​Answer: Since the year 1998 up to this day we have never had such a problem when the booking was confirmed. Usually, the car comes at least 20 minutes before the given time. Do not make more bookings than the company can take. If the car hasn’t come yet it’s clearly a case of force majeure and we can assure you it’s not our fault. However, if such a situation occurs, please call +40722.55.33.22

6. How can I be sure that the booking process is over and that the car will wait for me at the airport?
Answer: When the booking is over you will receive an e-mail of confirmation. You can get the confirmation by telephone as well.
7. What happens if, having made a reservation, I no longer get there?
Answer:  In this case, if you didn’t cancel your reservation with at least 2 hours before, you will have to pay the costs of the ride made for you.

8. How can I cancel a reservation?
Answer: A reservation may be cancelled with at least 2 hours before via the e-mail or by telephone at the number +40722.55.33.22.

9. How can I extend a reservation? (I booked a simple transfer to the airport and I wish to have the car available the whole day).
Answer: In such cases, which are rather common, we will just try to be at your service without, however, affecting other reservations.