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The tour begins with taking you from the hotel, continues with visiting the tourist objectives of your choice (or the ones selected from the list below). Finally, the driver can take you to a Romanian traditional restaurant, where you can enjoy the delicious dishes of our traditional cuisine (minced meat in cabbage rolls, maize mush, grilled minced meat rolls, pastrami etc).





This tour may take half a day or a full day, as you wish.



Tourist attractions suggested for possible visits


1. The Palace of the Parliament (also known as the "People's House") is the largest building in Europe and second largest in the world (after the Pentagon). Its construction began in 1983. The building has 330,000 square meters, having entered in the Guinness World Records, in the chapter "Administration Buildings".

2. The Village Museum. Founded in 1963, the Village Museum illustrates the folk traditions and peasantry's way of living from all the regions in Romania.

3. The Arch of Triumph. The monument commemorates Romania's victory in the First World War and is only 4m lower than the Arch of Triumph in Paris.





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